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Movie Hawaii Five-0 Ua helele'i ka hoku download free! Book Title: Hawaii Five-0 Ua helele'i ka hoku
Directors: James Wilcox
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Release Date: 2015-04-10
Runtime: 42 min
Language: English
Stars: Alex O'Loughlin,Scott Caan,Daniel Dae Kim
IMDb Rating: 8.1
Country: USA

Full movie description "Hawaii Five-0 Ua helele'i ka hoku":

When Elvis impersonator dies while performing, the team investigates. Jerry who was there is more concerned with his costume which he says is not right. Steve eventually find out how he was killed and by who. Steve thinks are all wrapped up but then Danny calls to tell him someone killed the person who made the man's costume. And the same person breaks into the morgue and takes the man's body. They later find the body stripped of the costume. Steve finds one of the gems from the costume and sees that it's a real diamond and that it was stolen. They assume that they were planning to smuggle the diamonds out of the country by sewing them into the costume. But the impersonator got it by mistake. They also discover someone else is looking for the diamonds and is willing to kill anyone to get them. Chin thinks he sees Gabewho later calls him asking Chin to help him.

Movie Hawaii Five-0 Ua helele'i ka hoku download free

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Forget Elvis: the real crime here is Danno's bad hair dye job! I can't believe I'm giving this 1 more star than the sole other astute reviewer (shaka, bruh!), but if you've watched the awful Samantha talk show episode or any of the "trapped" trilogy (in barbershop, elevator, the open ocean) it's not nearly as nauseating and soporific as those. However, it's much worse than that! You see, I had the unsettling and very traumatic experience of witnessing a very unsexy and most miserable-looking Danno with a bad dark red dye job on his hair! *enter IMDb's pile of brown poopy-doo emoji here*

I'm leaving this sincere and desperate review from the quiet depth of my mom's damp basement, in the hopes that someone will read it and expressly and diligently inform mister Scott Caan that he was born to be the blond, brazen and bodacious babe he normally is, and not this travesty of an awful auburn appalling archfiend that a botched up Clairol job turned him into.

I'm never sorry as a rule but I'm sorry to say that Danno had totally lost his cute here in the atrocious Ronald McDonald dye. It's times like these that have me running back to our collective Hawaiian-Canadian-Lebanese-Chinese god Keanu and beg him to forgive and forget that I ever cheated on him, if only in my fancy, with one Scott Caan. If you think I'm kidding, you only have to watch the scene where Danno is strutting, cellphone in hand, apparently ad-libbing to an extra in cop uniform: the strut is there but the sexy attitude is not. Samson has lost his swag, gone is his cool, his Caan power reduced to pitiful embers in the auburn do!

The entire episode me and my mini-me are bored to a soporific slumber. I actually did turn it off succumbing to sleep but turned it back on: nope, the Danno magic was forever lost here! I have seen Scott Caan pix with very dark black hair and he looked just as bad. My good man, for the love of Hollywood plastic surgeons and all that is cosmetic pulchritude, please commit to surfer blond locks, and the blonder the better for you!

I don't know that I'll ever recover, after all this can never be unseen and Danno was looking depressingly homely which depressed me to the point of needing my omega 3's, but I do know that your career will tank and your fans will ditch you like a Q-tip smothered in yesterday's navel goop on one end and ear wax on the other end if you ever resort again to sporting this insipid, unattractive and very ridiculous redhead look.

Other than that, Alex O'No is still looking as bloated and hideous as since he came back from rehab. The dude has aged terribly in one season. He seemed to struggle to act manly and whatever little swag he used to project as McGarrett was also gone! This was the ugly episode: no Wo Fat and no Adam, the show's then remaining sexy beasts, and everyone else done being hideous. Particularly Jerry, whose shave revealed what we all feared: a massive double chin! But somehow that was better than his standard furry self.

Someone dubbed Jerry singing -- I think. He wasn't that bad but looked very awkward singing, hence why he had to be dubbed in. Jay Sherman is another sore sight for my eyes: I remember when he looked much better as The Critic. Deep eye hollows and a grotesque appearance contributed, no doubt, to fans switching the channel in droves more massive than those Syrians bound for foolish liberal Germany. (Have they not learned from their history?)

All in all, I expect a huge drop in ratings for season 6, what with most AOL fans claiming that they now like Danno better, and Caan working overtime to uglify his former hot self, and the offing of Wo Fat, this show is totally doomed! Don't like it? One, start a petition to coerce the White House to force Caan to go blond and two, there's the "NO" button, you know what to do!


Movie Hawaii Five-0 Ua helele'i ka hoku download free

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Movie Hawaii Five-0 Ua helele'i ka hoku download free

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